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With offices located on Pack Square in downtown Asheville, French Broad Global Investors offers global expertise and a local presence. French Broad Global Investors' equity portfolio management experience is unmatched in the area.

Our managing partner, Daniel Jacobs, is a well-recognized and highly successful portfolio manager who worked extensively with Sir John Templeton. Jacobs managed the $1.4 billion Templeton Smaller Companies Growth Fund and served as Vice President of the Templeton Emerging Markets Fund and President of the Templeton Variable Annuity Fund. As a result, French Broad Global Investors has proven strategies to increase return opportunities while decreasing risk through global diversification of its clients' portfolios. We adhere to a strict value investment philosophy based on disciplined stock selection. We generally do not invest in mutual funds, avoiding double feeing.

With French Broad Global Investors, you are assured of professional client service. Each investor receives the same level of attention and detail we have provided institutional clients in the past. You also enjoy a great deal of flexibility. French Broad Global Investors' customized portfolio construction is specifically tailored to meet each investor's risk/return preferences. You will have your own specialized account and will not be part of a mutual fund.

Our clients enjoy fee-based investment. As a result, our interests are in line with yours as an investor.